In The Midst Of My Tears- The Poem












Sometimes life weighs me down,

And I lie awake at night and cry.

Often the things that I seek

Seem out of reach

And I wonder how I’ll get by.

But, in the midst of my tears Lord,

I call your name and suddenly

Things don’t seem the same.

The burdens of life don’t weight as much

And the things I seek

Don’t seem so out of touch.


When my friends let me down,

I cried and wondered why,

Because I thought they would always care

But when I looked for them in my worst hour,

I found no one there.

Never had I felt so alone

But in the midst of my tears Lord,

I remembered that you were my friend,

And the loneliness was gone.


When my family bond was weakening,

And it seemed harder to hold together each day.

I struggled within myself

Trying not to let it go astray.

But in the midst of my tears Lord,

I thought of you,

And how you’d died for our sin,

And I was reminded

That some heartache is worth bearing

And I knew that my troubles would end.


And now in the face of hard times,

Although I may cry,

I still stand strong as I wait patiently on You,

Knowing that the hard times will soon pass me by.

I know that I can trust in You

To wipe away my fears,

And I know that I can call on You,

Even in the midst of my tears!


By Diathe Garnes

From Poetry Collection, Words from the Heart


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