Thoughts = Power: Do Yours Make You Feel Powerful or Powerless?


Thoughts (1)Here’s what I like to call a “maybe” story that could end with two thoughts. A “maybe” story is one that maybe happened or could happen to you or to me and based on how we choose to think during this moment, we define how and who we will be.

Maybe you’re having a bad day and you don’t mind telling anyone who cares to listen. As you drive along in your car, complaining to  your bestie or your boy on your IPhone (via Bluetooth of course), you see a young man walking in the rain, soaking wet and looking very cold.  You drive on a little further and complain a little more. Soon you see a young woman who appears to be homeless, sitting on the sidewalk outside the convenience store you frequent.  You notice that it’s raining even harder than before.

You think to yourself, if they could be anywhere else, I bet they would be. And, here I sit, nice and dry in a car that I am blessed to have and I have never had the misfortune of having to walk or sit alone in the rain. You hang up with your friend. Complaining just doesn’t seem as useful as it had a few moments earlier; instead, you say a silent prayer for both strangers and one of gratitude for your blessings. You actually feel empowered to change your situation.


You think to yourself, they don’t know how easy they have it. They don’t have half the problems I do. Because they have never worked hard to get anywhere or have anything, they have nothing to lose. If they would have tried a little harder, maybe they could have accomplished something…Then, they would know true pain, like the pain I’m going through right now. You roll your eyes at the person sitting in the rain as you pass by and you keep complaining to your friend. You feel even more miserable and powerless than before.

We are all works in progress. Which thought would be more like you currently on your worst day? If you would respond more negatively, why and what do you think could help you change your outlook? If the old you would have responded more negatively, what made you change? Leave a comment.

Diathe Garnes- The Uplifting Woman

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