Creating a Positive Environment Around Negative People


Negative people are everywhere. There’s just no getting away from them, no matter how hard we try. They exist at the places we go to make money and the places we go to spend money. They, unfortunately, can even exist in our very own homes and families. How do you know negative people are around?

Here are some signs that a person is negative:

  1. They are angry a lot.
  2. They seem to enjoy verbal or physical altercations.
  3. The seem unhappy more than they seem happy.
  4. When they are unhappy they want others to be.
  5. They enjoy seeing others involved in drama.
  6. They instigate and encourage others to be upset.
  7. They are rude.
  8. They rarely like those who are different than them.
  9. They are easily intimidated by those they see as superior.
  10. They find it difficult to give compliments or say thank you.

If you know someone who exhibits one or more of these signs they are more than likely negative and should be treated with carefully. Instead of the old adage, “if you can’t beat them join them,” as it relates to these negative people, we must adopt a new motto to live by. Often, we try to change the people around us, and when these people are already prone to negativity, this can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, we should be the change that we want to create, or in other words, “be such a brilliant example of the light that the darkness has no place around you.”

When you are committed to keeping your environment positive, eventually negative people will have only two options. They can either adopt a more positive attitude and remain in your space or they can remain negative and remove themselves from the positive space. I’m a firm believer that good will always trump over evil, and positivity can always beat out negativity. But, more often than not, when there is a situation where a positive person is surrounded by negative people, it is the positive person who ends up either leaving or conforming. This is usually the result of frustration, anger or a lack of a true knowledge of the power of self-positivity.

There are some cases when the negative person may be in a position of authority or power. This situation may make it feel as if creating a positive environment is impossible and honestly, it may be. In cases such as these, especially in cases where there is the possibility of emotional, mental or even physical harm, getting out may be the only means of creating a more positive environment. The bottom line is, every person is entitled to live in a positive environment. If you are constantly around negative people, it’s up to you to make the necessary changes to create a more positive environment.

Here are some tips that will help:

  1. Remember your values and be steadfast in them.
  2. Don’t allow their negativity to make you retaliate against them with the same behavior.
  3. Keep your environment, (home, office, even yourself) decorated and full of scents that enhance positivity. I once heard a man say that it was hard to be angry around a woman who smells good. (It’s worth a try).
  4. Don’t allow them to encourage you to behave like them.
  5. Keep positive music, or words (scriptures, quotes) close at hand so that you can refill your positivity tank throughout the day if needed.
  6. Even though you know that negative people are actually demonstrating weaknesses and insecurities, don’t use this knowledge as an opportunity to degrade them.
  7. Make it known that you do not accept negativity in your space.
  8. If there is ever a physical, mental or emotional threat to your well-being, remove yourself from the situation.


– Diathe Garnes


Image courtesy of (franky242)

Diathe Garnes- The Uplifting Woman

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