Creating a Real, Fresh Start In the New Year



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It happens every year. The New Year brings with it reflections on the familiar, past year and resolutions for the unknown, new year. I mean, that’s what life is all about right? Every living thing is propelled by the notion of a new beginning-a fresh start. Many animals hibernate and take a well deserved rest after long seasons where their survival often hung in the balance, only to awake later, refreshed and ready to do it all over again, hopefully better than before. Plants obligingly die or trade their bright leaves and blossoms for the dull, withered remnants of their former glory with the hope that the next seasons blooms will be brighter and bolder than before.

For human beings, we look to the periods in our lives where there can be a change in direction, thought or action that can lead us to the new beginning that all of nature seeks. Unfortunately for us, new beginnings don’t mean that the mistakes of yesterday magically vanish or that we can’t still feel the sting from past pains. But, fortunately for us the reflections that come during those periods often lead us to want to be, do and think better. Looking back over missed opportunities lead us to want to dream bigger, try harder even if we fail and be more impactful.

To heck with resolutions. They don’t work because they are often made out of a desire to change something about ourselves that didn’t come from our hearts and that only includes superficial change. For instance, loosing weight or doing better with finances are great resolutions to make. But, often there are other more deeply rooted changes that we need to make in order to take these resolutions from shallow goals to realities.

So, I have some questions for you. What is it that you can do this year to truly make this a fresh start? What changes has your heart been telling you it was time to make? Which ones can you fully commit to? What things can you do for yourself, your family or your business that simply can’t wait any longer? If you died tomorrow, what things would you regret not doing the most? What changes will be most impactful in getting you on the path to being about the business of change and progress in 2016?

Diathe Garnes- The Uplifting Woman

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