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What Can He Bring to the Table?

ID-10040411This is a question for all the single ladies out there. When you meet a new guy, are you afraid to ask him what he can do for you or, in other words, what he can bring to the table? If you’re already in a relationship, are you clear about what your partner brings to the table? If not, are you able to go to him respectfully and ask him to step up his game?

As you think about if you would feel comfortable asking a man that you’re interested in what he can do for you that you can’t and aren’t already doing for yourself, also ask yourself if you are even clear about your expectations of what your partner will come into the relationship with. Of course, we all want someone who is already financially stable or at least headed in that direction, but posing this question does not always mean that you’re talking about what he can bring to the table financially. What he can do for you spiritually, and mentally is just as important.

Many women that I’ve spoken with are often afraid to ask this question. They see a man who appears to have it all together and assume that he will be willing to bring his assets to a relationship with them. As time goes by, they soon realize that all of his assets, which may include time, money or a helping hand around the house, are spent outside of the relationship. They could kick themselves for not being clear about expectations in the beginning, but then again they didn’t want to scare him away.

As a result of low self-esteem and low self-image, many women deny their own self worth. I’ve been guilty of that in my own life and I can testify that realizing your worth is a big deal. Once you do, your life will never be the same. Doing so is not always easy and it takes more than just talking about your worth to actually understand it and know it. For me, it took meditation, prayer and a whole lot of honesty with myself and others about the trials and tribulations I’ve been through and what I wanted and needed in my life to help me move past them.

The bottom line is that if a man easily runs away because you have expectations that the relationship will be one of equal give and take, instead of one where you do all the giving, then let him run. If he thinks that you’re asking a lot  from him, remind him that you are worth a lot.





















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