5 Ways to Cure the Monday Blues


ID-100235784Monday is such a fun day! Say it with me, “Monday, Monday, Monday!” If you don’t agree, then you’re doing Monday all wrong. We’ve all felt those negative emotions known as the “Monday Blues” that are associated with starting another work week. But, if you’re like me and you want the blues associated with the first day of the work week to be a thing of the past, here are 5 ways to conquer the dreaded “Monday Blues.”

  1. Get the truth of the matter: If you start feeling the Monday Blues coming on, dig down deep and ask yourself what is really the reason you are feeling down. Are you tired? Are you sick? Are you sick and tired? Are you not ready for the workload that is waiting for you at the office? Do you need a vacation? Once you’re able to address the actual reason that you’re feeling down, you can address it head on. If you’re sick, stop and get some medicine on your way to the office or maybe it’s a day where you need to call in and sleep late. If you’re tired, give yourself something to look forward to by planning for a quick lunch time nap in your car. If your workload is too heavy, maybe it’s time to ask for help.
  1. Prepare for Monday in advance: Before you leave work on Friday, do as much work as possible so that you’ll start Monday ahead and not behind. Leave your workspace tidy and organized so that you won’t feel the need to tidy up on Monday morning. Also, prepare work clothes, school clothes for the kids and lunches for everyone on Sunday. Give yourself a great head start on Monday morning.
  1. Fill your mind and ears with positive things: If you usually see Nancy the negative nelly at the water cooler, avoid her at all cost. Try to only listen and think on positive things. Play your favorite motivational song or speech and make an effort to only talk about positive things.
  1. Wear your Monday best: Dress in one of your favorite outfits. Looking good will automatically make you feel better.
  1. Do something you love after work: Create a Monday night tradition. For instance, make Monday the night you cook your family’s favorite meal or catch up on all your favorite shows. Have as much to look forward to on Monday as possible and remove many of the negative associations you have with the day. Before you know it, Monday will be one of your favorite days of the entire week!

Bonus: Consider Monday as the beginning of a week in which you will accomplish some amazing things in your life, business and relationships. It’s all in how you look at it! Here’s to hoping for nothing but Happy Monday’s for the rest of your life! : )

Diathe Garnes- The Uplifting Woman

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